.MIRRARME offers a range of subscription plans suitable for any size product line. 

If you want to showcase as little as 50 or up to 1000 items, you can choose a monthly subscription and offer AR virtual try-on services to your customers.

No other fees, just a monthly subscription which includes the design of your items into AR models, unlimited try-on by your customers and analytic dataset of your customer body shapes which will improve your inventory and lower return costs

10X Your Customers Experience

How MIRRARME Pricing Works


fully outsourced solution with simple integration to existing online assets

Step One

Schedule an initial call to discuss your project. This call will involve a deep dive into your requirements for 3D development of your fashion line and overview of the MIRRARME solution

Step Two

After the initial call, we will request examples of your clothing line you wish to use for virtual try. These examples will be images and data to ensure that we can offer the most realistic 3D solution.

Step Three

Finally we will share example 3D clothing and virtual try on in AR. We will also include pricing options available and timeline for going live. A lot of this will depend on your time line and budget


3D assets for your online store

Not only will you be able to offer virtual try on, but with 3D assets, you will be able to showcase your 3D clothing on the online store. To give customers a view prior to virtual try on

3D mirror models of your customers

From a single headshot and a couple of measurements, MIRRARME creates a 3D model of your customers so they can virtually try on your clothing. All it takes is 45 seconds. We utilise cloth physics to mimic the fit and stretch of your cloth to ensure that the customer has the most realistic view of the fit of your cloth

3D AR marketplace

With MIRRARME you will have all of your 3D assets stored in your app to allow for easy access by your customers. You can also add or remove items available for virtual try on.

be live in 7 days