virtual try on

Online fashion is evolving, and MIRRARME is at the forefront with virtual try-ons. Using a few images, we morph your apparel into 3D marvels for instant phone-based trials. Offer shoppers a QR-coded link for instant access to a virtual fitting paradise. Eliminate sizing uncertainties and elevate their shopping journey. With MIRRARME, they can mix, match, and decide with confidence, amplifying sales and satisfaction. Integrate MIRRARME and redefine your online store’s fashion narrative. The future is now!

select your plan

* pricing is in USD, billed monthly in advance on a month-to-month plan.

* $45 fee per item for 3D design, creation and modeling

why you need AR shopping

reduce online returns

Estimates are that 40 per cent of all online clothing purchases are returned – sometimes simply because people order several sizes or styles intending to send most back. Even at a 20% return rate reduction, an average return cost of  $15 per item, MIRRARME pays for itself.

increase online sales and conversions

Retailers using mirrARme for their shoppers to see the look and fit of clothing on a 3D image of themselves have shown to increase sales by an average of 3 times multiple. Increase in customer loyalty by 75%. MIRRARME is a revenue generator.

reduce your environmental impact

US retail returns logistics company Optoro estimates that only 10 per cent of the stock it handles ends up back on shelves. Of all stock returned in the US in 2017, Optoro estimated around 4 billion pounds were sent to landfill and over 15 million tonnes of CO² were emitted in the returns process.