virtual try on

Virtual try-ons are the future of online fashion shopping, and MIRRARME is making it easier than ever to incorporate this game-changing technology into your store. With just a few simple images, MIRRARME transforms your clothing into stunning 3D creations that shoppers can try on right from their phone. By sending a link and QR code, the virtual fitting room experience is just a click away. Say goodbye to guesswork and sizing frustrations, and hello to a seamless, interactive shopping experience. Shoppers can try on multiple items with ease and confidence, leading to increased purchases and a happier customer base. Upgrade your online fashion store today with MIRRARME’s virtual try-on technology – the future of fashion shopping is here!

select your plan

* pricing is in USD, billed monthly in advance on a month-to-month plan.

* $45 fee per item for 3D design, creation and modeling


  • unlimited items for virtual try on experience 
  • enhanced cloth physics
  • unlimited storage
  • seasonal updates
  • your branding and logo
  • custom 3D files *additional costs apply 
  • hosting charges
  • dedicated database environment
  • fully managed
  • custom modification *additional costs may apply 


Customizable Virtual Fitting Room: Offer a customized and branded virtual fitting room experience that reflects the style and personality of your brand.

Real-time AR Technology: Utilize real-time AR technology that allows customers to see how clothes fit and move in real-time, providing an accurate representation of the garment.

Access to Large Library of Products: Give customers access to a vast library of products and the ability to try on multiple items in one virtual session, providing a convenient and engaging shopping experience.

Seamless Integration: Provide a seamless integration with your existing e-commerce platform, allowing customers to easily switch from virtual try-ons to making a purchase with just a few clicks.

why you need AR shopping

reduce online returns

Estimates are that 40 per cent of all online clothing purchases are returned – sometimes simply because people order several sizes or styles intending to send most back. Even at a 20% return rate reduction, an average return cost of  $15 per item, MIRRARME pays for itself.

increase online sales and conversions

Retailers using mirrARme for their shoppers to see the look and fit of clothing on a 3D image of themselves have shown to increase sales by an average of 3 times multiple. Increase in customer loyalty by 75%. MIRRARME is a revenue generator.

reduce your environmental impact

US retail returns logistics company Optoro estimates that only 10 per cent of the stock it handles ends up back on shelves. Of all stock returned in the US in 2017, Optoro estimated around 4 billion pounds were sent to landfill and over 15 million tonnes of CO² were emitted in the returns process.