how mirrarme works


reimagine the online shopping experience by providing your customers the ability to see clothing on before they buy.


from a single photo and 3 standard measurements, we create a mirrAR image of your shopper and use our AI to produce a result in 45 seconds


simply send mirrARme with photos of your clothing item along with material type, and we then create the 3D cloth along with the physics to replicate the movement of cloth as if on a real person but in AR

be live in 7 days

step 1

send us images of your clothing line to showcase

We use the latest advancements in 3D tech to produce the most realistic results for our clients. 

We use a technology called photogrammetry to produce the 3D file of your clothing. Simply send us a minimum of 30 overlapping images, being sure to capture all angles including the top. This can be done with a SLR camera or simply with your iPhone. 

With this tech, we are able to remove the mannequin or models from the image to leave a perfect replication of your clothing item.

Finally it is over to our design team, to give it the final quality checks and to ensure that the end result is a true reflection of the item we received.


the finished 3D image

Needless to say, the end result is high quality, to say the least. We believe that we should produce a result as beautiful as your creation.

We send you the final file for sign off, as it should reflect your standards

This process takes between 7- 10 days and you can have the mirrARme service live on your website for shoppers to try on.

The image here was created from photogrammetry front and back images supplied by the client.

step 3

Add the item to your e-commerce platform

Once you have provided final sign off, we then send you a tagged image to be placed on your website, app or any other digital assets that you have.

Once the image is selected by a client to try on, they will be redirected to the MIRRARME app where they can try on the item at home as if they were looking into an actual mirror.


3D image of cloth

step 4

Add QR code to store window and website

imagine people walking past your shop window and have the ability to try clothes on without even entering. With the QR code from mirrARme, you can add a QR code to your shop front, clothing label, and website. The QR code will automatically open the MIRRARME app with clothing already attached to the 3D model of your potential customer.


AR and 3D enabled virtual try on. bring a small part of the traditional retail experiences online