take your physical fashion assets and turn into virtual try on pieces

add virtual try on with AR technology to your online fashion store

Experience the future of fashion shopping with virtual try on technology from Mirrarme. Our innovative solutions are designed to enhance your online presence and provide a seamless virtual fitting experience for your customers

Digitise your fashion line better online shopping experience

We give you the technology to let your online guests experience virtual try on. It provides the ability to showcase the look and fit of your fashion line virtually, on any mobile device, as if they were looking in the mirror.

what the numbers tell us

5 Billion

the number of AR shopping experiences used in 2021


reduction in the number of returns 


higher intent to purchase using AR shopping.

how about photo try on

Photo based virtual try-on techniques have shown great promise for enhancing the user-experience and improving customer satisfaction on fashion-oriented e-commerce platforms. However, existing techniques are currently still limited in the quality of the try-on results they are able to produce from images.

Results show that the MIRRARME approach is able to produce photo-realistic and visually convincing results which significantly improves on the customer shopping experience.

why add virtual try on to your store

MIRRARME has created the tech where digital and physical fashion collide, offering virtual try on for fashion retailers large or small. Our goal is to connect brands with consumers by improving the online fashion experience and creating a more engaging way for people shop online.

how we make virtual try on

Simply send us overlapping images, of your item. This can be done simply with your iPhone. For the best results we recommend taking photos on a ghost mannequin as this will reduce any movement by a model. Photos should ideally be with a white backdrop with even lighting.

Once we receive the images of your item, our design team will create a digital replica of your clothing ready for virtual try on.

To create the highest resolution of the clothing, we use Machine Learning and AI (artificial intelligence) to create a 3D model. Our machine learning will then add cloth movement to provide the most realistic online experience. 

Our technology replicates the natural flow of how the item will fit and fall on the body to produce near realism


marketplace to purchase fashion both physcial + digital versions

We are building a marketplace for the fashion industry that combines wearable fashion, digital assets for the metaverse and virtual wearable in AR.

Our marketplace will allow you to deliver a physical item to clients doorstep, a digital asset to virtually wear at anytime, a wearable for the metaverse plus many more features in development.