virtual try-on designed for online fashion retailers

Want to give your customers a better online shopping experience. Forget images and 3D, let your customers try on your clothing collection in AR for the full immersive experience. 

Provide an interactive in-store try on experience for your customers with AR that improves conversions, increases engagement and more importantly reduce returns. 

Your customer can see the clothing on a mirror model of themselves, just as if they were in an in-store changeroom, truly seeing the quality and fit so they can purchase with confidence

why let customers see clothing in 3D when they can try it on in AR

showcase your collection so customers can see on a mirror model of themselves

we create a 3D mirror model of your client

clients try on your clothing in AR

Your customer simply selects the item to try on from your store.

From a single photo and a couple of measurements, we create a mirror model of your client. 

Your customers can view your clothing as if in an in-store change room as an Augmented Reality hologram. This increases engagement, sales, and guarantees higher purchase confidence.

AR provides a distinct difference between viewing images and reality. By looking at your clothing placed on a virtual mirror of themselves, a customer can have a better understanding of it

it's easy as 1 2 3 to bring the try-on experience to your store

photoshoot of your clothing items

Simply send us a minimum of 20 overlapping images, being sure to capture all angles including the top. This can be done with a SLR camera or with your iPhone. 

Upload your images to your MIRRARME portal. You can let us know sizes available, fabric type and any other measurements. this will help in producing the most realistic model

try on in AR

Once your items are completed and ready for AR, you can grab your embedded link from the MIRRARME portal and place on your online assets. Welcome to the next gen of online fashion

why there is a need for AR try on as a service

what the numbers tell us

42% of purchased clothing is returned
fashion environmental waste

near zero integration and operational within 7 days

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