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Transform the online Shopping Experience

what is Try On with AI

MIRRARME’s cutting-edge virtual try-on technology allows your customers to see how clothes will look on them before making a purchase. By simply uploading a photo, our AI seamlessly integrates the selected clothing onto their image, providing a realistic and personalized shopping experience.

orginal uploaded image result with try on with AI

Minimal Effort and Maximum Impact

original image TRY ON with AI

Effortlessly revolutionize your online store with MIRRARME’s Try On with AI. Simply choose a plan, we will find all product photos to make available for Try On, we will add them to our AI system ready for Try On. You Shopify store will be ready for Try On within minutes. We even add the Try On with AI button to your product page. 

Once set up, adding new clothing for try-on is a breeze. Just tick the box next to the product you want to be available for Try On, click “Save,” and it’s live. Removing items is just as easy—tick the box next to the product, click “Remove,” and it’s done. It’s that simple!

Minimal effort, maximum impact – redefine fashion retail with MIRRARME’s innovative solution.

original image TRY ON with AI

virtual try on pricing

* pricing is in USD, billed monthly in advance on a month-to-month plan.

* subscription plans do not include 3D modeling.   $90 fee per item for 3D design and modeling

why retailers need try on with AI

reduce online returns

Return rates were lowered for one of retail partners from 25% to 17.5%. A 30% reduction resulting in an annual saving of $100,000. Thats excluding all the operational cost of fulfilling returns.

increase online sales and conversions

Previously, one of our retail partners abandoned cart rate was 70%. With the virtual try-on feature, this rate dropped by 10%, resulting in 700 additional items sold monthly and $35,000 in extra revenue

reduce your environmental impact

Only 10% of returned stock ends up back on shelves. Of all stock returned in the US alone, around 4 billion pounds were sent to landfill and over 15 million tonnes of CO² were emitted in the returns process.

unlock the power: experience the impact of virtual try-on for yourself & elevate your retail game

Unlock the Power: Experience the Impact of Virtual Try On for Yourself & Elevate Your Retail Game