virtual try on

The future of fashion retailing

You can give your customers a better online shopping experience by using 3D and virtual try-on for the full immersive effect. They’ll be able to see themselves wearing their favorite outfit, as if it was actually being worn right then and there! This is not only more engaging but also reduces returns because you’re giving people exactly what they want

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3D digital assets

showcase your collection in 3D

Looking to give your online store a boost? Look to MIRRARME – the digital fashion as a service platform that turns your 2D fashion clothing assets into 3D for viewing in your store.

By using 3D, customers can get a full view of the clothing and see how it looks on them. This is great for gaining attention from potential customers – use the 3D assets for your google ads and watch the clicks roll in. And that’s not all – you can also use these 3D assets for virtual try on in AR by your customer, all in one platform. So what are you waiting for?

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personal Avatar Is EVERYTHING

3D avatar of your client

To virtually try on your clothing, your customer simply selects the item to try on from your store.

From a single photo and a couple of measurements, we create a mirror model of your client. 

Your customers can view your clothing as if in an in-store change room using Augmented Reality. This increases engagement, sales, and guarantees higher purchase confidence.

AR provides a distinct difference between viewing images and reality. By looking at your clothing placed on a virtual mirror of themselves, a customer can have a better understanding of itWith just a single photo and some measurements, we create the mirror image of your client so they can view their clothing as if it were in-store. This increases engagement with purchases by providing more understanding about what’s on offer for them before buying or notifying sizes that may be too big. And because augmented reality provides an accurate representation compared to inspecting images after purchase like many other retailers do now (and adding cost), AR is able to increase sales accordingly!

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photoshoot of your clothing items

Simply send us a minimum of 20 overlapping images, being sure to capture all angles including the top. This can be done with a SLR camera or with your iPhone. 

mirrarme portal to manage your virtual try on assets

Upload your images to your MIRRARME portal. You can let us know sizes available, fabric type and any other measurements. this will help in producing the most realistic model

augmented virtual try on

Once your items are completed and ready for AR, you can grab your embedded link from the MIRRARME portal and place on your online assets. Welcome to the next gen of online fashion

89% have returned items in the last 3 years
42% of purchased clothing is returned
reduce online returns with virtual try on
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marketplace to purchase fashion NFTs + physcial item

We are building a marketplace for the fashion industry that combines wearable fashion, digital assets for the metaverse and virtual wearable in AR.

Our NFT marketplace will deliver a physical item to your doorstep, a digital asset in your NFT wallet to view at any time, a personalised mirror avatar of yourself or your customer, then a metaverse wearable for your avatar, and a digital object for viewing in AR.