fashion environmental waste

the origin

The idea came during the global pandemic, where the founders respective families turned to online shopping for clothing.

The issue! Incorrect clothing sizes, bad fitting clothing, not what they expected and ended up sending back more than what they kept. There had to be a solution.

The solution! Use the latest advance in 3D and Avatar generation to create a service where shoppers could see the clothing on before they buy. Just like a mirror in the change room, but at home.

our purpose

mirrARme enables online, bricks and mortar retailers, small and large, to provide a better online shopping experience. Whilst no one can fully replicate the try on clothing experience,  mirrARme goes pretty dam close. 

But its not just about the customer experience, its about reducing the environmental impact of returns for unwanted online purchases Some 4,000,000,00 pounds, yes that’s BILLION, goes into landfill every year. 

And yes, we, or should we say our families, really wanted to see the clothing on first and we think you and your shoppers would too.