About Us

mirrARme is a Virtual Try-On (VTO) solution for online fashion retailers, where the customer can see the fit and look of clothing on their own body in real time AR. It is a virtual fitting room in AR which uses 3D avatars to show garments from fashion retail brands. Customers can try on virtual clothes in real time and make sure they look good with the avatar version of themselves, in their own surroundings.

mirrARme has developed bespoke technology that turns 2D clothing images into 3D virtual garments with cloth simulation that allows customers to visualize how an item would look on their body as well as a complete Virtual Try-On experience.

Regardless of body shape, size or skin tone the mirrARme app produces a true reflection in AR. To create a 3D avatar of the customer, we use a combination of automatic and manual techniques: by asking for just one photo of the customer’s head and a couple of measurements to generate a very accurate, almost mirror, 3D avatar that accurately represents their entire body

The AR solution is a step forward from the traditional virtual catalog or online window dressing, as it allows customers to interact with virtual garments and see how they look on themselves in real-time 3D. This offers a much more accurate way of seeing if an item will fit or not. The process takes less than 10 seconds and results in a 3D avatar fitting the item of clothing.

mirrARme’s VTO solution also assists with the industry’s sustainability goals. Most online fashion retailers only offer the option of returns, which is not the optimal solution for customers that are unsure if an item fits their shape or style. If they buy multiple sizes and styles before finding one that fits, it can cost time and money to repurpose the returned items for the retailer. By reducing returns, this aids in the reduction of excess clothing being sent to landfills.

Our app has successfully been trialled with multiple fashion brands around the world and we are looking forward to seeing more of them using AR in their retail offering. It’s an experience that is as close to trying on clothes in real life as it gets.

We are currently raising investment to bring our VTO solution to the mass market and to continue to grow our team. We are a young, experienced company with a fantastic international network of fashion retailers and technology partners.

We have been working in the sector for 2 years now and have developed a solution that we believe is going to make waves in the online fashion retail space by giving customers an AR experience unlike anything else on the market.

It is our vision, now that we have the technology with mirrARme , that virtual try on will become the norm worldwide. Customers want a better way to see how clothes look and fit, but they also want a more personal experience. We see this as a win/win for all parties.