adding virtual try on to your store has never been easier

step 1

Simply send us overlapping images, of your item. This can be done simply with your iPhone. For the best results we recommend taking photos on a ghost mannequin as this will reduce any movement by a model. Photos should ideally be with a white backdrop with even lighting.

MIRRARME will remove the mannequin or model from the images to leave a perfect replication of your clothing item.


creating the 3D model

To create the highest resolution of the clothing, we use Machine Learning and AI (artificial intelligence) to create a 3D model. Our machine learning will then add cloth movement to provide the most realistic online experience. 

Once we receive the images of your item, our design team will create a digital replica of your clothing ready for virtual try on.

Our technology replicates the natural flow of how the item will fit and fall on the body to produce near realism

This takes around 7 days

step 3

Add "virtual try on" button

MIRRARME will notify you when the clothing item has been completed and ready to add to your online store. No fancy coding is required, you simply need to add a “virtual try on” button to your site and use the link provided to redirect the client to the MIRRARME app. 

Regardless of which e-commerce platform you use, MIRRARME is compatible,

Once the item for virtual try on is selected by a client, they will be redirected to the MIRRARME app where they can try on the item at home as if they were looking into an actual mirror. They will be then directed back to your site for purchase or to try on other items.

step 4

your clients virtually try on your clothing

Your clients stand in front of a mirror to see the item. Our technology auto fits the clothing to the customers body shape, regardless of size.

We then overlay your 3D clothing that fits to the natural curves and shape of your customer. Giving them the best and most realistic fit in AR on the market.

be live in 7 days