Accelerating ecommerce with 3D and AR Virtual Try On

A majority of retailers are still working through their own moves to new tech, and are struggling with the costs, among other challenges. Creating 3D models of products, for example, can be difficult on a budget, as they usually require someone to manually create the digital model. However, with the development of mirrARme photogrammetry technology — in which hundreds of photos of a product are taken from different angles to build a virtual model — you can now see 3D modelling budgets drop significantly, and a cumbersome process sped up.

Such models produced by mirrARme are inherently engaging ways for customers to visualize products, but with AR also incorporated — enabling customers to essentially virtually try on clothing in their physical environment and on their body — an even more immersive experience is created. It all comes down to educating retailers, so that they understand that mirrARme has taken out the pain when integrating AR virtual try on tech.

No matter the industry, increased consumer engagement with 3D and AR leads to higher shopping conversion rates. By deploying a successful virtual experience, retailers can keep consumers engaged in a way that traditional shopping can’t, and likely never will. And because consumers are typically loyal to their favourite brands, mirrARme can significantly and positively impact that relationship over the long run.