why your online clothing store needs virtual try on | mirrARme

Online clothing brands are always looking for new ways to get more engagement and sales. One of the latest trends is virtual try on, which allows customers to see how a particular outfit looks on them before they purchase it. This is good for both customers and brands, as it can help reduce returns and increase competition with Amazon.

One of the biggest issues for online clothing retailers is returns. A lot of customers will order several items, try them on and then only keep the ones they like. This can be costly for retailers, as they have to process and ship the returned items, as well as absorb the cost of the initial shipping. Virtual try on can help reduce these returns, as customers will be able to see clothing on virtual self -models before they purchase it. This can help reduce the number of items that are returned, as customers will be able to see how an outfit looks on them before they buy it.

Virtual try on can also help online clothing retailers compete with Amazon. Amazon has a huge advantage over most other retailers, as customers can see how products look on from over 500 retailers such as nike, zara, and under armour. By offering virtual try on, online clothing retailers can start to close this gap and provide a similar level of service to Amazon.

Virtual try on is also good for customers as it can help them find the right size and style of clothing. Customers often struggle to find the right size when shopping online, as they cannot try on the clothes before they buy them. virtual try on can help solve this issue, as customers will be able to see how different sizes and styles of clothing look on them. This can help reduce the number of returns that customers make, as they will be more likely to find a style and size that fits them correctly.

Overall, virtual try on is a valuable tool for both online clothing retailers in their virtual try on database. This allows customers to see how different products will look before they buy them, and means they don’t have to guess which sizes will fit and return multiple items if they don’t like how it looks on.

Customer satisfaction is also a big part of virtual try on apps, as this will encourage customers to keep buying from that brand. If virtual try on works well for an online retailer’s sizing, as well as being quick and easy enough for customers, then it could help improve customer satisfaction rates as the customer won’t have any hassles returning items or having to wait long times for items.

Virtual try on is also great for customers because it gives them a more realistic view of how the clothing will look on them before they make a purchase. This is especially beneficial for clothes that are non-standard sizes, as customers will be able to see how the clothing looks on a virtual model that has a similar body type to themselves. Customers can also get an idea of how different styles will look on them, which can help them make more informed decisions.

Virtual try on also offers benefits for companies as virtual try on can improve conversion and retention rates, and reduce the number of returns and complaints. This is due to customers being able to preview what virtual items or clothing will look like before they purchase it. Customers who may not have been able to find an online retailer whose clothes fit their body type now will be more likely to shop with virtual try on as it allows them to see how the clothes would fit them before they made a purchase.

Online fashion retailers need virtual try on so that they don’t lose out in the war against Amazon. It’s predicted that by 2020, over half of all purchases will be made through Amazon. In conclusion, virtual try on technology can assist retailers who are selling clothing online by helping them personalize the online shopping experience for their customers, and by helping to reduce the number of returns. This technology can also help to improve customer satisfaction rates as it makes returning items quick and easy. Retailers who are looking to stay competitive against Amazon should consider virtual try on technology in order to give their customers a better online shopping experience.

Virtual try-ons are a great way for people to see how clothes will fit before they buy them without needing to guess what size they wear and order from there. It’s not always easy finding clothing that fits your body type, so this is one of the best tools out there in terms of having an accurate measurement taken instantly with just a few clicks. Contact mirrARme today if you want more information about our company or would like us to create something special for you!